SCC/SAA seminar: Managing an online arbitration: the where, the when and the how

The Stockholm Arbitration Institute and Swedish Arbitration Association launches a seminar focusing on online management of arbitral proceedings.

Online arbitrations are the new reality of arbitral practitioners, putting new requirements, but also removing barriers, reducing costs and environmental footprint of arbitral proceedings.
The SCC and SAA invite to this seminar that will guide you through the legal and practical challenges of the digital environment, exploring:

o   Digital documentation and institutional platforms

o   Demo of the online hearing platform

o   Preparation and conduct of virtual/hybrid hearings

o   Cybersecurity and GDPR in arbitral proceedings  

These topics will be presented and discussed by Alexander Foerster, James Hope, Kristoffer Löf, Natalia Petrik and Kathleen Paisley.



Date: 9 June, 2022 
Time: 1 PM - 4 PM, CET
Place: This is a physical seminar and will be held at Posthuset, Stockholm International Hearing Center, Vasagatan 28, Stockholm.