Trendspotting in international dispute resolution and SCC Express - hybrid event and mingle

As the world is not quite ready for large live events, we hereby invite you and your colleagues to the SCC Digital Week on 15 – 21 October.

During this week you will be able to join us virtually at the grand Nationalmuseum in the very heart of Stockholm city for a livestreaming event, seminars, networking opportunities and more.

SCC Digital Week starts on 15 October, 18.00 CET with the live event:

Trendspotting in commercial dispute resolution from the business perspective

Your registration to the SCC Digital Week admits you to sign in and enter a tailor made event platform with specially developed graphics and content, through which we will be livestreaming this trendspotting session on commercial dispute resolution from the perspective of general counsel of multinational corporations. The program includes:

15 – 21 October
The SCC Digital Week event platform will remain open for you to explore at your convenience during a total of seven days.

As a SCC Digital Week delegate, you may also enjoy


20/10  13.00 CEST
Welcome to join a 45 min webinar:
The Impact of Automation in Arbitration
Hosted by Head of Business Development Lise Alm

21/10 14.00 CEST
Welcome to join a seminar and digital coffee with the SCC:
The why and what of a dispute resolution clause
Hosted by Legal Counsel Christoffer Coello Hedberg, and Legal Counsel Raffaela Isepponi

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