Patricia Shaughnessy prisad av Handelskammaren

Patricia Shaughnessy är vice ordförande i SCC:s styrelse men även personen bakom det framgångsrika ICAL-programmet vid Stockholms universitet. I fredags fick hon ta emot Stockholms handelskammares Boosting the capital-pris. Läs intervjun med Patricia här.

Utmärkelsen ges till individer som bidragit till att göra huvudstadsregionen mer innovativ, inkluderande och utåtrikad. Motiveringen löd:För ditt imponerande arbete med det internationella masterprogrammet International Commercial Arbitration vid Stockholms Universitet, en betydelsefull del av den infrastruktur som gör Stockholm till ett ledande säte för internationella tvister och bidrar till huvudstadsregionens globala varumärke.”


Last year the ICAL master’s programme was the most popular international master’s programme at Stockholm University. What makes Stockholm so attractive in this field, and what are the factors in this success?

– The ICAL Master program success strongly links to Stockholm having long enjoyed a strong global reputation as place for arbitrating commercial and investment disputes, which is largely due to the leadership and services of the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC). The SCC has fostered an arbitration culture and community that boasts of a globally recognized robust legal practice area serving Swedish and foreign business.  I have been able to create, build and promote the ICAL program in collaboration with the Stockholm arbitration community and Stockholm University, providing students a vigorous academic education that also reflects commercial and pragmatic legal perspectives. 

What do you expect the contributions to be for international arbitration because of this programme? 

– Over 400 students from over 80 countries have completed the program, many now working in international arbitration or in related fields. These alumni have strong ties to Stockholm and have become active “ambassadors” for the program, for international arbitration and for Stockholm.

How will this contribute to arbitration in the future, for Stockholm and globally?

– The ICAL program has become a recognized global leader in legal education for arbitration, promoting both arbitration in Stockholm and legal education at Stockholm University.  Many alumni now work in law firms, companies, organizations and universities where they contribute to arbitration and promote arbitration in Stockholm.

How can Stockholm enhance its position as a leading destination and forum for dispute resolution?

– Today the arbitration market is highly competitive and to remain a leading arbitration forum the entire community – lawyers, business, academics, and policy-makers – must work together to ensure continued success.  A new modern arbitration law that brings Sweden more in line with international best practices is a high priority, as is developing innovative and technologically advanced solutions. The SCC’s work on developing arbitration as an enforcement mechanism for climate change and human rights and the “Treaty Lab” project provide excellent examples of capitalizing on the Stockholm’s position as an innovative, effective, transparent and trustworthy dispute resolution leader.

Om Boosting the capital-priset
Stockholms Handelskammare uppmärksammar initiativ som bidragit till att göra huvudstadsregionen mer innovativ, inkluderande och utåtrikad. Idéer och projekt som helt enkelt boostar Stockholm/Uppsala, vår huvudstadsregion.


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