Authors of ISDS book stirring the pot

The Investor State Dispute settlement (ISDS) system has been in much debate for several years. Brooke Guven, Kinda Mohamadieh and Victoria Sahani share their views on how to develop the ISDS resolution system for the future in a newly published book – and in a recent SCC Online Seminar.

On the occasion of the recently published book The Investor-State Dispute Settlement System Reform, Replace or Status Quo? edited by Alan M. Anderson and Ben Beaumont and with foreword by the SCC Secretary General Annette Magnusson, we arranged a SCC Online Seminar on the theme of the ISDS reform.

– We believe that as a neutral institution it is our responsibility and role to be part of and contribute to an open forward-looking discussion about how to develop the ISDS system for the future. By cross-fertilizing smart ideas, we can in the end come up with something that is even better tomorrow than it was today, says Annette Magnusson.

At this zoom-event Ben Beaumont introduced the book, and three of the authors of the book - Brooke Güven, Senior legal researcher at Columbia Centre for Sustainable Investment, Kinda Mohamadieh, PhD candidate at the International Law, Department of the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Victoria Sahani, Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Director of FIRST at Arizona State University - gave their views on some of the most discussed ISDS system issues, in a conversation moderated by Patricia Shaughnessy, Associate Professor at Stockholm University and founder of the International Commercial Arbitration Law Masters Program.

Watch a recording of the SCC Online Seminar

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