Meet the new members of the SCC Board

New year, new cases and challenges await at the SCC. We are very pleased to welcome three new members to our board, who will provide invaluable experience to the SCC mission.

In 2020, 213 new cases were registered at the SCC. This is the second highest case load for the SCC historically. Statistics from our colleagues at arbitration institutes around the world also indicate an increased inflow of cases. The continued rapid evolution of a globalized business community and the Covid-19 crisis are without doubt factors that have demonstrated the strength of the international arbitration system. We are proud to be a reliable and efficient dispute resolution body also in these unprecedented times - to continuously be available to resolve disputes in support of global trade and investment.

As of 1 January 2021, the SCC Board welcomes three new experienced and skilled arbitration specialists.

Ginta Ahrel (CV)
Partner Westerberg & Partners Advokatbyrå
“I am honored and delighted to have been appointed to this prestigious role. I look forward to contribute to the work of the SCC which I know to be at the forefront of thought-leadership and standards in Swedish and international arbitration.”

Henriette Gernaa (CV)
Partner Gorrissen Federspiel
“I am proud to have been selected to serve on the SCC Board. I look forward to being able to support the SCC in this role, an institute that is an important dispute resolution alternative for both investment and commercial arbitration worldwide. Most recently, this is demonstrated by the SCC’s being at the vanguard of digitalization for the benefit of its users, through such initiatives as the SCC Platform.”

Mattias Rosengren (CV)
Partner Vinge
“It is an honor to be joining the SCC Board. The SCC Board fulfills an important role under the SCC Rules, and I look forward to working with my fellow board members in carrying out these tasks and assisting the SCC to continue to provide an outstanding service to its users.”


About the SCC Board
SCC Board meetings are held once per month. The function of the SCC Board is to make decisions as required under the SCC Rules. This includes decisions regarding prima facie jurisdiction, appointment of arbitrators, challenge to arbitrators and the costs of the arbitration.

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